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"Come with me, darling; share my fortune. Follow me beneath the waves..."
Alternate Names/Spellings Morgan, Mari-Morgan
Origins British and Welsh Mythology
Alignment Neutral Evil
Element Water, Darkness/Shadow, Light, Mind/Spirit/Psychic, Life/Death/Blood
Species Humanoid (Nymphet)
Appearance Beautiful bathing maiden...


The Morgen is one of a race of creatures with origins in British and Welsh mythology. In particular, accounts exist where Morgens would be adopted by fishermen as infants, only to grow up and leave their adoptive foster-parent behind for their true home under the sea.

Not to mention, some women are even recorded as having turned into Morgens. Such was the case with Princess Dahut, daughter of Gradlon and Malgven (the respective King and Queen of Ys, in Brittany).

A magician and a mischief-maker, Dahut not only caused her family's kingdom of Ys to descend into sin and debauchery, but once while her father was drunk, she stole his key to the kingdom's dam. As the floodgates burst open, and proceeded to sweep the kingdom away, King Gradlon woke up from his slumber, and took off on his magical steed to save her.

Unfortunately, the current of oncoming waves would prove too strong; Gradlon's efforts would be in vain and Dahut would be carried out to sea, but not before being transformed somehow (by her own magic, or as some divine/infernal punishment for her sinful ways) into a Morgen.


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Truissa, Tain and Talla, Temptresses of Valemore Hollow

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Powerful water manipulation, as they are known to flood villages to attack enemies, and fields to ruin crops.


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