Mothman descends on potential victims...
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Alignment Neutral Evil, Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil
Element Air/Wind/Sky, Darkness/Shadow, Lightning/Thunder/Electricity
Species Cryptid (Chimera)
Appearance Lepidopteran humanoid


Mothman was a unique and mysterious cryptid creature that was first sighted in the Point Pleasant area of West Virginia in 1966. Many theories have been put forward about the creature’s origin, from rogue fae, to escaped experiment, to space alien, but to this day no information has been confirmed. Mothman was said to have disappeared after the 1967 collapse of the Silver Bridge, however some sightings have been reported since that time and the Mothman is believed by the agency to still be at large.


Reports of the Mothman indicate a winged humannoid creature, brown or grey, of at least seven feet tall with a ten foot wingspan, and eyes that glowed red “like bicycle reflectors” when light was shown into them.


Accounts of the Mothman’s behavior during its one year of operation in West Virginia are still being heavily studied in order to discern the purpose of its actions. It’s “nest” during this time appeared to have been an abandoned TNT plant near Point Pleasant, West Virginia. He was first sighted by a local couple who drove by it, which it chased as they drove away. This could be seen as it protecting its territory, but could not account for it appearing in a barn 90 miles away. It killed a dog that attacked it during this incident, and apparently carried its body back toward the TNT plant. The last major Mothman incident was when it rose from a prone position in the yard of the Thomas family and proceeded to stand on their porch and stare into their windows.

In addition to all this, strange lights in the sky were spotted both before and after the Mothman incidents, and strange electrical and signal fluctuations plagued Point Pleasant for the year that Mothman was present in the area.


The Mothman was able to reach speeds in excess of 100 Miles per hour, and scattered reports indicate that it has a jamming effect on television and radio signals.

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