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Bakomvarlden HU 484246e
"The burial ground...it's not far from here..."
Alternate Names/Spellings Utburd
Origins Sweden
Alignment Neutral Evil
Appearance Pale, sickly children...


Mylings are the souls of abandoned, unbaptized children who were never given a proper burial. They were first reported in Scandinavia, but can appear in any part of the world that is predominantly Christian. Mylings often were thought to be the spirits of children who were concieved out of wedlock, or children born into households where there were simply too many mouths to feed. The children were usually given to 'angel-makers' women who were paid a hefty fee to find a good home for the infant, but after the mother left, the infant was murdered, most of the time drowned Thus 'Mylings' were commonly mentioned along with the Brook Horse from Swedish folklore



"Is...is that a baby???"

Mylings generally appear to be pale, dirty, malnourished, 6-12 year old children. It has been theorized that the form a Myling takes is what it would have looked like later in life.



"Please sir, won't you carry me?"

Mylings will stalk lone travelers in the area they were abandoned, and attempt to leap on to their back. If they succeed they are impossible to dislodge and demand to be brought to the nearest graveyard for a proper burial. As they get closer to the graveyard, the Myling becomes heavier and heavier. If their victim stops or cannot carry them into the graveyard, they will kill them in rage and find a new victim. In other cases, the myling would appear to its mother, and complain that it is hungry If the mother feeds the child, she will soon die, a hole ripped in her chest, and the infant will be at peace


Child Terror

"I will not be ignored..."

Mylings, as a type of phantom, are extremely hard to see if they do not want to be seen and are immune to most attacks. Their ability to increase their weight as well as their vice-like grip are also notable, as their two most common ways of killing their victims.