Naga Greatsnake
Alternate Names/Spellings (m) Nag, (f) Nagini, (ruler) Nagraj
Element Aether/Quintessence/Divine Essence, Air/Wind/Sky, Earth, Life/Death/Blood, Luck/Fate/Fortune, Poison/Acid/Plague, Water


The Naga has its origins in Hindu and Buddhist mythology, legend and folklore. ==Appearance== a serpent humanoid

==Behavior==A hybrid and ophioanthrope , Nagas can change from human to snake or something in between . They also have blue skin due to them being cold blooded, but Naga Rajas the crossbreed between an Aurica (celedone) and a naga have their Aurica skin color as well as producing multiple heads.

This connection with the gold people protects them from gryphons who are lusting after gold . They came up with the golden horse (Hippo chrysae) as a substitute spawning hippogriffs . Another technique is in the naga the wooly fat , put stones in it and wait for the predatory gryphon to attack burning it, but the naga is ok due to it’s skin which regrows if an injury or a shedding period.

==Abilities== As well as being a shapeshifter, nagas can stand the cold due to it’s wooly fat. ==Weaknesses== Despite their skills againest gryphons aren’t meant for the Garudas which is immune to it due to it’s parentage to Garry the Garuda the mount of Vishnu . But the roshavas descendents of Shiva and Meenashakti , can stop a Garuda.

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