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Nang Tani
..Come here..!
Alternate Names/Spellings Phi Tani, Tani, Lady of Tani
Origins Thai & Cambodian mythology
Alignment Chaotic good, Chaotic neutral
Element Nature/Trees
Species Spirit
Appearance Ethereal humanoid tree spirit


The Nang Tani is a female spirit from Thai mythology, but can also be found in Laos and Cambodian mythology.


The Nang Tani appears as a beautiful young woman with long black hair, crimson red lips, and a green-ish complexion. They haunt near wild banana trees. The outfit they wear may differ from other sources, but they are commonly seen wearing traditional green Thai clothing. She appears in a standing position where her feet never touch the ground or her legs not visible to anyone.

They can be easily mixed up with a similar spirit, Nang Ta-khian, who haunts the Hopea Odorata trees.


The Nang Tanis are benevolent beings who may give food to passing travelers and monks out of free will. However, they will only be malicious towards men who committed wicked deeds in their lives, especially those who have harmed women. In worst case scenarios, they are a bad omen to anyone who cut down any banana trees that is haunted by a Nang Tani. Which is why inhabitants prefer not to live near banana trees.

Many inhabitants make offerings to her in the form in incense sticks, flowers and sweets. It is believed that banana trees that is wrapped in colorful cloths is haunted by the Nang Tani.


  • Nang Tanis are capable of levitation and flight to a certain degree.
  • May bring good fortune to those who give offerings to her
  • It is unknown what other abilities she may possess, but it's possible she becomes stronger and more visible to Humans during a full moon.


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