Nicholas Flamel
An old portrait.
Vital statistics
Title Head of the Research Division
Faction The Mythic Organization
Species/Race Human Alchemist
Gender Male
Age Well over six hundred
Status Alive
Location Headquarters of the European branch of the organization.

Nicholas Flamel is, along with Faust, one of the most famed alchemist in the world. Even normal humans have often heard of him. Flamel is one of the few Alchemists in history that have managed to create the legendary Philosopher's Stone. Both he and his wife Perenelle Flamel are all but immortal due to the elixir of life the stone creates.


Despite his fame, Nicholas Flamel comes from a less than impressive background. He was originally a bookseller and copyist living in Paris. Eventually, Flamel married a widow named Pernelle and continued to live a rather mundane life.

However, Flamel's life changed one day when he was approached by a man in need of money. This man offered a book in hopes of gaining anything in return. Though initially skeptical, Flamel took the man up on his offer due to a dream that had visited him.

The book, Nicholas discovered, was nothing less than a compendium of alchemical knowledge. Flamel, and to a lesser extent his wife, soon devoted large amounts of time to the exploring of this book. Years passed and eventually, Nicholas discovered the secrets of creating the most legendary object in Alchemy- A Philosopher's Stone.

By this time, the couple was nearing old age. Flamel and his wife came up with a cunning plan to allow them to escape and make use of the youth giving elixir the stone could give them. They faked their own deaths, using expertise in both alchemy and biology to fool even those close to them.

Since that time, Flamel has travel extensively. He is considered the ultimate authority on alchemy and many areas of science. The alchemist helped found the Mythic Organization and is currently both a member of the council and the head of the research division.


Generally, Flamel is described as having an ageless appearance. He has brown eyes and hair. Despite his age, he is very healthy, if not muscular. In modern times, he favors a lab coat over robes.


Nicholas Flamel is very fascinated by the world around him. His desire and drive is to understand how the world works. The studies he has done in alchemy and dozens of sciences are to fuel this desire.

Powers and Abilities

Quite possibly the oldest and most accomplished alchemist of all time. He is, without a doubt, one of the premier chemists and biologists of the world. His abilities to create homunculi and other alchemical wonders is unmatched. The longevity his stone allows has given him time to study many aspects of science.

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