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"Very strange creatures exist in the Dreamtime..."
Alternate Names/Spellings Oozlum Bird, Ouzelum, Ouzelum Bird
Origins Australian Mythology
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Species Mythical Bird
Appearance Brightly colored, always flies backwards.


The Oozlum is a bird native to Australia, but also found in parts of South-America and the British isles that has evolved an interesting defense mechanism in relation to the Dreamtime.


The Oozlum is a small bird with strikingly beautiful, multi-colored plumage. Some say that it is a distant relative of the ostrich.


Oozlum bird halfsize


The Oozlum has several strange habits, the first being that in flies backwards in order to admire its own tail feathers. When faced with danger, the small bird will fly, inexplicably, up its own anus until it vanishes completely. It will also do this normally, flying in ever smaller circles until it, inevitably, has only one place left to go.


This strange behavior can be explained. The Oozlum has somehow evolved the ability to physically enter the Dreamtime, which is what it is doing when it flies within itself. It is believed that the bird’s strange coloration and behavior were also evolved with the Dreamtime in mind. The bright colors allow it to blend in, and flying backward allows it to see where it has been, which is much more important than knowing where you are going in the Dreaming.

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