"You shall find your fate in the distance..."
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Alignment Lawful Neutral
Element Aether/Quintessence/Divine Essence, Earth, Light, Luck/Fate/Fortune, Mind/Spirit/Psychic, Time
Species Humanoid
Appearance Psychic or Divinely-Inspired Humanoid Cleric


An Oracle is a class of cleric that has origins in mythology, legend and folklore across the world. Nearly every culture has some form of oracular figure in the accounts of their history. Notable Oracles:

  • Delphic Oracle (the Oracle of Delphi):
  • Nechung Oracle: A living consultant for the Dalai Lama.
  • The Sibyls (Sibyllae, Sibyllai):


Oracles are clerics, and so their clothing depends on their native culture's religious inclinations. Some are scarcely clothed at all, while others wear simple white or earth-tone shawls. Others besides these wear tunics, vests, robes--they may perhaps be the most ornate and beautifully adorned person in all of their village. Headdresses, masks and jewelry are also possible, as well as materials adorned in any symbols or colors relevant to that given culture.

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"Tell me, good sir...what flattery do you seek?"


Due to the nature of their work (ie what sort of revelations they deal in), Oracles may be cryptic, alien and distant; they may be ornery and cantankerous; they may be frustratingly serene, to the point of seeming blissfully apathetic; they may be cordially warm and jovial; they may be kooky and eccentric, or perhaps moody and shifty. Though, either way, their personalities tend to lie at the more stark extremes of these possible traits.


Those Oracles who do possess supernatural powers tend to display an overtly spiritual affinity. It is common that an Oracle remarks about having "The Sight" (a term used loosely to interchange between Precognition and the broader Clairvoyance). Perhaps an Oracle has the power to speak with and channel the dead, or generally can perceive the working of the Astral Realm. Some can also use meditative techniques to project their consciousness to a higher plane of being, or the like.

Though, perhaps most common (after "The Sight" itself) is the ability to interpret signs and portents from different arrangements of objects, subjects or events. No two Oracles operate exactly the same. Some may see the past, or the future, or events in the Astral Realm (including insights from the deceased). Some can root out events happening in distant or hidden places. Others divine the contents of the mind or the heart. Some can even tell the will of a divinity, or an infernal power.


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