Brown Ouphe 640
Alternate Names/Spellings Aulf, 'Elf-Child'
Alignment Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil
Element Earth
Species Goblinoid, Fay
Appearance Squat, ugly monster


The Ouphe is one of a race of creature with origins in Medieval European mythology, legend and folklore. In particular, accounts of Ouphin history begin within the race of the Elves.

It is said that, despite their long legacy as elegant and beauteous beings, there are certain instances in which Elves would give birth to developmentally deformed creatures.

Rather than being so barbarous as to discard them in the wild, these creatures would be hidden away, raised up and trained in the ways of humility and subservience.

Masquerading them before outsiders, as an entirely different race (which was believable, for their distinctive appearances), they soon were solidified within Elfin society as a permanent slave class.

Though, slaves within Elfin ranks were allowed certain privileges, despite their servant condition: among those privileges, they could be married and start families of their own. And that they did. Families started off small, but soon their population came to rival that of the Elves themselves. This greatly disturbed many upper-level members of Elfin society.

And so a great effort was set forth. Elves would be forced to release the slaves they kept into the wilderness. They would all be driven away into harsher lands, and barred ever from showing their faces within Elfin realms again. Some ended their flight within the realm of the Trolls, the Ogres, the Orcs and similar monstrous races. Intermarrying with these races, they would go on to become an entirely new race, Goblins.

On the other hand, some ended their flight in the realm of the Fairies, the Nymphs, perhaps humans or even other Elfin kingdoms. Intermarrying with these races, they would go on to become another new race, slightly less grotesque than their Goblin counterparts, the Ouphes.

Though, Ouphes have never been positively accepted among the humans. The term 'ouphe' in human literature is often used as a general term for a magical being (for those who don't want to make any distinction between Goblin, Fairy, Elf, Nymph or actual Ouphe). And, a word persists even today in the human world, to mark human disdain for the elves' physically and mentally inferior cousins; often, when someone is thought of as being stupid or obnoxious, they are referred to as an 'oaf'.




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