Peridexion Tree
The Peridexion Tree by Themaze-1-
Doves and dragons circle 'round the Peridexion...
Alternate Names/Spellings Circa dexteram, Environ destre, Paradixion, Pendens, Peridexion, Perindens
Origins Medieval Legend
Alignment Neutral Good
Element Aether/Quintessence/Divine Essence, Earth, Life/Death/Blood, Light, Mind/Spirit/Psychic, Plant
Species Magical Plant (Tree)
Appearance A tree heavily populated with white doves...


The Peridexion Tree is a plant with origins in Medieval European mythology, legend and folklore.

Accounts of this tree species say it is native to India, where its influence on the resident dove and dragon populations' behaviors has led to its inclusion in Christian allegory.

The Aberdeen Bestiary, for example, states: "Take the tree as God, the shadow as his son... Take the fruit to be the wisdom of God, that is, the Holy Spirit."


Though often exaggerated by artists of old to the point of absurdity, the Peridexion does actually possess branches which are loosely interwoven into a number of helix patterns.

The tree's apple-round fruit have anywhere from green to sandy brownish flesh, about the same toughness as pears. Its rind may be patterned like a pineapple.

It is often home to a moderate to large flock of doves, and has at least one dragon (wanting to eat the doves) lurking on the unshaded side of its trunk.


The Peridexion is an evergreen plant, and capable of flowering and fruiting year round.


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