Petsuchos by marvelous miscreant-d53dtpd (edited)
A beloved scion of Ancient Egypt's great and powerful Nile River god, Sobek...
Alternate Names/Spellings (pl) Petesuchoi, (pl) Petesukhoi, Petesukhos, (pl) Petsuchoi, Petsuchos, (pl) Petsukhoi, Petsukhos
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Species Magical Beast (Divine Agent)
Appearance Bejeweled Crocodilian


The Petesuchos is a creature with origins in Ancient Egyptian mythology, legend and folklore; in particular, accounts of their existence first arise in the mythology, legend and folklore associated with Crocodopolis. There, it was worshiped as a sacred, holy manifestation of the Nile River god, Sobek. In fact, the name "Petesuchos" itself is Greek (Πετεσοῦχος), meaning "son of Suchos" or "offspring of Suchos" (Suchos being the Greek name for the god Sobek).

Petesuchoi even had their own temples, complete with a nice, comfortable habitat, and were treated with equal respect to the pharaoh. And when these creatures died, they were mummified, like the pharaohs. Then afterward, priests immediately went out to seek the next in line; as an avatar of Sobek, it was sure to be born in nature immediately after its predecessor's death.



"Tremble before Sobek's mighty emissary!"

The Petesuchos looks just like any other crocodile, except that they can grow to be slightly larger, and their eyes may glow. The only truly noticeable distinction comes from its adornment by human worshipers. These followers (typically priests) often array it in all manner of golden jewelry, gems and other accessories (even a crown, or a pair of golden horns), to mark it for the particularly special creature that it is.


Behavior of the Petesuchos differs little from the behavior of a normal crocodile. It is a carnivorous reptile, and so eats meat, and prefers warm environments, since it is cold-blooded. However, its temperament is said to change according to Sobek's will, which is often what allows it to be caught so easily by priests pursuing it.



As an avatar of the divine, naturally, a petesuchos can channel its divine benefactor at any time. From Sobek, it receives superhuman strength, durability (endurance), stamina, senses, reflexes and awareness. It also possesses the psychic ability to communicate with and command fellow reptiles.

Moreover, it has the psychic capacity to channel divine radiance through any glittering adornments on its body, to entrance, blind, or even fire bolts or beams of light at foes.

A petesuchos may even channel the presence of Sobek, to frighten foes who get too close, or channel the voice of Sobek, to communicate telepathically (even verbally!) with subjects of the deity's choosing.


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