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Alternate Names/Spellings Phouka, Pooka, Puca, Púca, Púka
Origins Irish and Scottish Mythology, Legend and Folklore


Phooka are a fey race, one of many mischievous shape-changers with origins in the myth and folklore of Ireland, Scotland and neighboring territories.

They may or may not be closely related to the more cruel Kelpie; some even speculate that they possess some relation to Goblins.


As shapeshifters, assertions towards what a Phooka looks like are rather meaningless.

Phooka are able to assume virtually any animal form, their only mark or distinction being a darker color than the norm. Dark brown fur, black feathers or inky scales. Some Phooka also give themselves golden eyes, regardless of form.


Eternal children and practical jokers, Phooka can be surprisingly benevolent when the mood strikes them. While they love a good trick, many will give good advice about natural events or local incidents, especially in return for gossip.

Phooka are fond of taking the form of wild horses and allowing a poor mortal to mount them.. only to lead them on a wild ride. Most of the time, unlike the Kelpie, Phooka Rides usually end without physical harm to the mortal, though many are exceedingly dizzy and disoriented. It's impossible for a person to fall off a Phooka unless the Phooka wants them off.


The main ability of the Phooka is their ability to shape-shift. They may appear as virtually any animal, capable of speech in any of their forms. Beyond this, Phooka are both cunning and extremely agile. In any form, they often move with supernatural speed.

Phooka will willingly serve any mortal who proves themselves faster or smarter than the Phooka, namely by capturing them through speed or guile. As mounts, they are by far one of the best, being both fast and reliable. However, it is necessary to treat them with care and kindness, lest they decide to unleash mischief on your person.