Butterfly dragon pyrausta by stargazerrjl-d8lk09l
"So in the fire, in burning furnace springs,//

The fly Pyrausta with flaming wings//
Without the fire it dies; in it, it joys//
Living in that which all things else destroys
--Du Bartas

Alternate Names/Spellings (pl) Pirali, Piralis, Pyragones, Pyralis, Pyrallis, (pl) Pyraustae, (pl) Pyraustai, (sing. or pl.) Pyraustas
Origins Greek Mythology, Legend and Folklore
Alignment Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil, Neutral Evil
Species Magical Beast
Appearance Insect-Sized Dragon-Insect Hybrid


The Pyrausta is a creature with origins in ancient Greek and Roman mythology, legend and folklore. In particular, accounts of their existence first arose in Natural History (a work written by Pliny the Elder).

It is unknown how the first Pyrausta were first spawned, given the demanding circumstances required their species' survival and reproduction. Though it should be noted that Dragons occur in an astonishing range of sizes and shape; and over the ages, Dragons have displayed an astonishing range of reproductive choices, due to the magical potential they possess. Draw what conclusions one may.

For all one knows, insects and dragons share a common ancestor, making the Pyrausta a veritable missing link between the two classes of animal.


Pyrausta are of a dual nature, combining the form of an insect and a tiny dragon. Like a dragon, Pyrausta have scales and often horns and crests. However, like insects, even adult male Pyrausta (the largest of the species) can still fit into the palm of an adult human hand.

Dragon fly by yowahti-d3l678i-1-

Colors and patterns vary as widely as the ranges which may be found in insects or dragons; across the entire color spectrum, some solid, some spotted, some striped, some with faded coloration, some with brilliantly vivid colors, some glowing, some flashing, some metallic, some rough textured, some smooth, some slick and scaly, some equipped with coloration subtle as befitting camouflage, while others are adorned in colors and hues that stick out like a sore thumb.





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