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Alternate Names/Spellings Raiju, Raijuu, Thunder Animal, Thunder Beast, 雷獣
Origins Japanese Mythology
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Element Air/Wind/Sky, Lightning/Thunder/Electricity, Sound
Species Magical Beast (Elemental)
Appearance Bestial lightning elemental...


The Raijū is a creature with origins in Japanese Mythology. In myth, the Raijū is the pet and companion of Raijin, the kami of lightning and thunder.


The Raijū's appearance varies from story to story, but all agree that it is in the form of a beast made of lightning. One form is that of a blue and white wolf wrapped in coils of lightning. To travel around, it turns into ball lightning. Their cries sound like thunder.


Raijū are normally placid beasts. This changes when a thunderstom arrives. The Raijū is put into a frenzy, jumping from tree to building to field, leaving scorch marks with its claws. When the frenzied Raijū spots a human sleeping, it dig into the sleeper's navel to rest. Because of this, many superstitious Japanese people still sleep on their stomachs during storms.


The Raijū seems to have the ability to shapeshift, given its many contradictory appearances. The Raijū can also control lightning.

Raiju Kijimuna by Mikeypetrov (EDIT).jpg

At calmer times...

But if you make it angry...