Alternate Names/Spellings Razkovniche, Rozryw
Alignment Neutral (non-sentient)
Element Earth, Light, Luck/Fate/Fortune, Mind/Spirit/Psychic, Plant
Species Magical Plant
Appearance A lovely anti-concealment bloom


The Raskovnik is a plant with origins in Slavic mythology, legend and folklore. In particular, accounts of its existence first arise in the mythology, legend and folklore of Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia.


The Raskovnik is said to be similar in shape, size and color to a four-leaf clover in nature. However, it possesses some unknown physical quality that may only be discerned by those initiated into certain cultural rites.


This particular plant is known to thrive only in meadows.


The Raskovnik was said to have tremendous supernatural power, of various nature and magnitude. It was known that the Raskovnik could be used to undo any lock, be it mundane or magical, and regardless of the material of which it was made.

One could also use Raskovnik to uncover buried treasure; more than merely finding the location where such luxuries were hidden away, the plant's effects would actually break open the ground to reveal where the treasure had been buried.

Though, some patches of Raskovnik are claimed by certain spirits. These will instead lead the fortunate finder to the 'owner' of that particular patch of Raskovnik (described in Serbia as resembling a Black Arab in chains--some believe these apparitions to be Demons or Djinni, or even just an illusion that was cast by whoever actually owns the plant).

This apparition--whatever it is--will ask to see the Raskovnik (it serves as a sort of voucher). When the apparition sees or receives the Raskovnik plant, the chains will break off of the apparition and it will disappear into the ground, leaving behind a pot of gold.

Though, in certain cases, the plant has been used for the purpose of [Alchemist|transmuting lead into gold], much like a Philosopher's Stone.

There are even claims that it had power to make whoever picked the plant happy and/or wealthy for the rest of their lives, by granting nearly any wish that the owner desires (including or perhaps beyond material wealth).


It is a plant, and while it does have miraculous magical capabilities, there are no sources stating Raskovnik to have resistance to fire or any other typical blights against plants (unless enchanted to have such, by a spirit who takes claim of the plant).

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