Alternate Names/Spellings (pl) Monocoli, (s) Monocolus, (s) Monopod, (pl) Monopodes, Monopods, (pl) Sciapodes, Skiapodes, (s) Skiapod
Origins Greek and Roman Mythology, Legend and Folklore
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Species Humanoid
Appearance One-legged African or Indian Humanoid


The Sciapod is one of a race with origins in Greek and Roman mythology, legend and folklore. Specifically, accounts of their existence first arose in Natural History (a work written by Pliny the Elder), and similar works.


Sciapods are a Brown-sknned people, with trademark curly or woolly hair that goes along with it. Their height, weight and body types range within those of ordinary humans of their native regions. Eye color tends toward brown, though gold, hazel, gray and purple are not unheard of. Hair color also tends to be dark, whether brown or black.

The only defining trait that truly separates humans from Sciapodes is that, in the place of a pair of smaller feat (like humans), the Sciapodes have a singular giant foot on which to balance themselves upright.

It should be noted, while the foot of a Sciapod does resemble a human foot, in all but size, not every Sciapod's foot faces in the same direction; some Sciapodes are right-footed, while others are left-footed.


Most famously, Sciapodes are set apart by the use of their large single foot to shade themselves in the face of particularly hot or rainy weather.

Though, it is also remarkable and worth noting that the Sciapodes do not view the single foot as an impairment. In fact, Sciapod tribes are known far and wide for taking in refugees, runaways and castoffs from other societies that have been maimed or physically disfigured (such as amputees and eunuchs). These people they show utmost hospitality, helping them to pursue productive lives without the limbs they lost.

Naturally, anatomical differences lend to different benefits and challenges for the Sciapodes apart from other races. For example, there is known to be occasional rivalry, competition or even contention between Left-Foot Sciapodes and Right-Foot Sciapodes.

For the most part, though, they act as any other native of their respective regions.


Many races are baffled by the Sciapodes' use of a single large foot. What many assume would make the Sciapodes slow and clumsy actually lends to make them quite fast and agile.

The great size of the single foot lends to easier balance than most would believe, and from there, maneuvering is merely a matter of determination and practice. Given that the single foot is a Sciapod's only option for moving about from one place to another, the practice is constant and does not take very long to pay off, in terms of athletic prowess.


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