"Are you fur shore we can conseal our pelts here?"

--A Seal-Wife to her husband...

Alternate Names/Spellings
Origins Irish and Scottish Mythology, Legend and Folklore
Element Water
Species Therianthrope
Appearance Phocine Therianthrope

Also Called

  • (f) Seal Wife
  • Selchidh/Selchie
  • (pl) Selkie Fowk
  • Silkie


Selkies are mythological creatures appearing in Celtic mythology. Having records of the existence of Selkies appearing in Ireland, Scotland, and even as far as Iceland. Selkies are capable of therianthropy, a type of shape-shifting ability. In this case, they change from seal to human form by shedding their seal skin.


In their seal skin, they appear as any ordinary seals swimming in colder regions. But once they shed their seal skin, they appear as beautiful men or women. They might have some slightly different physical features comparing to ordinary Humans (in some cases, they have been known to possess webbed fingers and/or toes, and perhaps large, seal-like eyes). Otherwise, they might have distinguishing physical features closely resembling that of an ordinary Irishman or a Scotsman.

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[Taking a Selkie as a wife]

In most folktales, a male human might find a Selkie's seal coat and steal it away from her. That way the Selkie herself would have nothing to cover herself, nor return to the sea with her companions. That way, they are force to serve their human captor as their wife. She will spend most of her days staring far out at sea. Her true home.

During her days in captivity, she might bear several children with her human husband and continue to serve as his wife. But should she find her seal skin that was stolen, she will not waste a second to return back to the sea, abandoning her family entirely. Children born from the Selkie might be protected from danger that comes from the sea.

[Male Selkie]

Male Selkies are not uncommon to hear of. They are described as beautiful men with great seducing abilities. In most cases, he will use his ability to seek out human women who are dissatisfied with their lives, typically unhappy married women. It is rumored that a human women can make contact with a male Selkie by shedding seven tears into the sea. In some cases, the male selkie will either spend a loving night with a human woman, or convince her to be his wife and join him as a Selkie.

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A selkie and her extended family...

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