Set Animal
Seth Animal by TheTempleOfNetjer
Alternate Names/Spellings Salawa, Sha, Typhonian Animal, Typhonian Beast, Typhonic Animal, Typhonic Beast
Origins Egyptian Mythology
Alignment Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil
Species Magical Beast
Appearance Set's animal totem...


The Set Animal is a creature with origins in Ancient Egypt. Its form is first seen as the totem animal of Set, Egyptian god of destruction, chaos and the desert.

The deity is even represented with the head of such an animal, and so it is unknown if the creature is truly fictional, or a beast that existed, but is now long-extinct. More likely, the animal simply doesn't exist on this planet, in this dimension, or on this plane of existence anymore, but otherwise, is a thriving species (as is the case with many supposedly extinct animals).


Sha Salawa Typhonic Beast Typhonian Beast Set Animal Creature Egypt Egyptian Myth Mythology Mythological Mythical

It is approximately the size of a fox or a dog. Its ears are squared at the ends, and its stiff, nearly-always upright tail may either be forked, or tipped like the tail of a lion. Its snout slightly curves downward.


Its behavior is perhaps similar to that of the Egyptian god Set himself, as they are his totem animal. Perhaps malevolent, insidious, vindictive, spiteful and sadistic; doubtless, they are highly intelligent and cunning, as well.


It is unknown quite what abilities they possess, although in numerous Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, their symbol is used to represent 'suffering, violence, perturbation, violent storms, tempests', and the like. As such, one may assume that they possessed powers of misfortune, perhaps even to the point of stirring up storms wherever they went.

And naturally, they were favored by the god Set, so it may also be assumed that any to harm them would, no doubt, meet an unpleasant end.


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