"MY EYES!!!"
Alternate Names/Spellings 尻目, "Buttocks-Eye", Nuppori-Bōzu or ぬっぽり坊主 or ぬっぷりぼうず
Origins Japanese Mythology
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Appearance Cycloptic humanoid with an eye in the wrong socket...


The Shirime is a creature with origins in Japanese mythology, legend and folklore.


The Shirime has no eyes on its head; in fact, in some cases, it has no facial features at all on its head.

The only eye it possesses is situated between its buttocks, in a socket where its anus should be.


The Shirime is harmless, only scaring people for fun. It is also shameless, as made apparent in one of the most famous tales discussing the creature.

In the story, a samurai was on his way to Kyoto, when he saw a man in the street. The samurai called out "Excuse me, sir!". The strange man started to disrobe, much to the samurai's confusion. The naked 'man' bent over, exposing a glowing eye where its anus should be. The samurai ran away screaming.


Though, tales featuring the Shirime seem to leave a couple issues unresolved. For starters, without a mouth (aside from being unable to speak), it is unknown how a Shirime eats (if it needs to eat), or how one without facial features breathes (if it needs to breathe).

Not to mention, with an eye in the place of its anus, it is unknown how the Shirime's body removes waste (if it needs to remove waste).

And the eye of a Shirime in disguise must be revealed by removing its clothes, leading many to wonder how it gets around without its buttocks being constantly exposed, and walking backwards.



The Shirime, first and foremost, possesses skill at maneuvering around in a manner believable enough to deceive ordinary humans, without needing to reveal the only eye it possesses, until time to terrify unwitting passersby.

Some speculate that the Shirime possesses a supernatural sense--it can see through the eye situated between its buttocks, but does not actually require said eye to sense its surroundings.

In addition, the Shirime's oddly-placed single eye can not only be used to see through, but also to shine a light, about as bright as the average flashlight.

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