Vasnetsov Sirin Alkonost (Sirin separated)
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Alignment Lawful Neutral, Neutral Good, Lawful Good
Species Magical Beast, Mythical Being, Chimera
Appearance Black Bird with a woman's head


Sirins were said to seranade holy men, but for the most part little is known about their origins. Rumors state that they are related the Alkonost.


The Sirin appear as large dark birds with the heads of women with halos or crowns. Sirins often seem upset because of the effect their song has on mortals.


Sirin sing songs to those who would hear them. However, only a few beings -Mythical or otherwise- are capable of hearing the song of a Sirin and not be driven to follow the singer. Because of this, many people will attempt to drive away a Sirin. This is the reason why most Sirins seem so melancholy.

Sirin and Alconost by Waldemar Kazak large-1-

The Sirin departs from the presence of her cousin, the Alkonost...


The most obvious ability of a Sirin is to sing magical songs. Those who hear the song will loose all sense of anything else and mindlessly try to follow the Sirin. However, the few beings who can hear the song and not loose themselves will often see glimpses of the future.

Another rather more humorous trait of the Sirin is that, despite their large size, they are very fast. No one has ever caught a Sirin.

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