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A well-trained temple Sirrush...
Alternate Names/Spellings Mushusshu, Mušḫuššu, Sirrušu, "Splendor Snake",
Alignment Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil
Species Chimera (Reptilian, Avian and Feline)
Appearance Avian-Feline-Footed Serpent


The Sirrush is an ancient creature known first in the Babylonian mythology or the Mesopotamians.

They are closely related to Dragons (in fact, some, even in modern times, consider them to be a type of dragon).


Sirrushes have a basically reptilian body and head, with furry feline front legs and avian rear legs. Some have hair-covered bodies, but most are covered in scales. Sirrushes tend to be the size of large dogs.


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A sirrush is a peculiar creature...

Sirrushes are quite bright, with intelligence equivalent to higher apes like a Chimpanzee. They enjoy lounging near natural areas of high magic energy, such as enchanted springs or ley-line intersects.

Sirrushes appear to be at least partially cold-blooded and inclined towards sleep, and many of them draw magic energy from their common hang outs to warm themselves.

They show a remarkable tendency towards stealth, despite their often vivid coloration. The carnivorous chimera often strike from ambush when hunting. Due to territorial tendencies, they sometimes attack those that wander to close to their dens.

However, Sirrushes find magic items to be fascinating and are often found with small hoards of them. Those that offer such items will find the Sirrush more than happy to leave them alone, for both current and future visits, for they have a long memory for gift-givers.


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A proud male Sirrush...

A Sirrush is an excellent guardian for magical sites or items. They are capable of detecting even the most well-hidden magic or spells.

Likewise, almost no magic will actually work properly on them. If anything, the creatures feed off magic, growing empowered and more energetic with each spell they encounter.

Sirrushes are very agile and stealthy, and have a tendency to pounce from hidden places. Due to having both claws and talons, these pounces are painful and sometimes lethal.

However, Sirrushes have terrible vision in the day and next to no sense of smell. Due to the ease of bribing them, only carefully trained ones are hard to bypass.


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