Vaguely bestial, even in human form...
Alternate Names/Spellings Skin-Walker, Yee Naaldlooshii, Yenaldooshi
Origins Native American Mythology, Legend and Folklore
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Species Humanoid (Shapeshifter), Mage
Appearance Nearly any animal known to Native American tribes...


Skinwalkers are similar to Native Amarican witches. They use Taboo arts to transform themselves into any animal they so choose, using the animal's pelt. Some accounts say that a witch must kill a member of his or her own family in order to gain the power of a Skinwalker.


Skinwalkers may take to form of any animal they so choose, but in human form are predominantly Native-American males.

They are indistinguishable from normal humans or animals in either of these forms, though they sometimes appear as a half-human or mutant form of their chosen animal.


Skin-walkers take pleasure in causing misery and terror. They will set out in animal form to kill, maim, steal, and destroy. Sometimes they will break into homes and ravage the occupants. Other times it will just play with them, knocking on walls and windows or climbing up onto the roof. There have also been unconfirmed reports of them harassing motorist on lonely roads, and they have been linked to several car accidents.

Despite this, they are cowardly. If spotted they will make every attempt to run away, and will only turn and fight when driven into a corner.


In addition to their shape-changing powers, Skinwalkers are also accomplished witches. They can read minds, and make any human or animal noise they choose to. They can also use charms to instill fear in their victims, and control their minds. These charms usually take the form of beads made of human bone, which burrow beneath the skin without leaving a mark, or bone dust which can paralyze or kill their victims. In addition, a Skinwalker leaves no footprint unless they chose to, and are completely invincible in animal form.


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