"Oh, how I LONG for a taste of unwary prey. I have to feed on a victim soon...but HOO?"
Alternate Names/Spellings Stikini (pl)
Origins Native American Mythology, Legend and Folklore
Element Air/Wind/Sky, Darkness/Shadow, Life/Death/Blood, Time
Species Humanoid
Appearance Ravenous Strigiform Humanoid


The Stikini is a creature with origins in the Native American mythology, legend and folklore. In particular, accounts of its existence first arise within the mythology, legend and folklore of the North American Seminole tribes.


A Stikini resembles an avian humanoid; in particular, it resembles a strigiform humanoid (that is, a humanoid owl), not unlike legends of the creature called the Owl Man. Some even claim the creature is impossible to tell apart from a regular owl (which lead many to conflate it with the Strix).

Though, it should be known, neither the owl form nor the humanoid owl is the entirety of the Stikini's being. Rather, this is simply a supernatural manifestation of the Stikini's spiritual nature, when its powers are in effect.

Before it makes use of its eerie supernatural abilities to manifest an owl exterior, the Stikini is otherwise indistinguishable from an ordinary human descended from Seminole Native American ancestry.


The Stikini has potential for two distinct personas; that of the human form, and that of its monstrous incarnation. Naturally, the human form is that which it projects in society; this may be the more reserved and secretive manifestation of the Stikini's personality.

This is not to say that the human form is a pleasant or well-liked one, however; due to the Stikini's nature as a mage, it may be given to reject cultural norms for propriety and may show little to no regard for social taboos (or those who regard such taboos).

Though, often, the monstrous persona is the truth behind a human mask of kindness, gentleness and good intention.

Either way, the first persona is laid to rest when the human form sleeps. That is when the monstrous incarnation of the Stikini comes forth. During this time, the Stikini makes use of its powers to go forth, transformed, and attack its enemies. Its favored attack is the theft of the enemy's still-beating heart.

When it has obtained the prize it was after, the Stikini regains its composure to transform back to human, and then eats the bloody heart, after having prepared it in a special magic pot.



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