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The Mythic Organization is a supernatural agency formed with the purpose of both allowing humans to continue to live their lives without realizing the existence of Mythical Beings and functioning as a kind of government between different species.


Formed by many people both mundane and mythic, the organization traces it's roots down to the early Renaissance. It was during this time that the advances made by humanity began to force mythical beings farther and farther from their original homes. In hopes of keeping the tensions from exploding into outright war, several beings including the dragon Famaloth, the famed alchemist Nicholas Flamel, a member of the Van Helsing family and the wizard Merlin met to lay down the foundation for the Mythic Organization.

Current Hierarchy

The Mythic Organization has several branches across the world as well as many different sub-organizations, such as the research division. At the present, the organization is run by a council of both the founders and several other important personages. Even so, day-to-day running of the enormous agency is handled by various managers and mission informers.

European Branch

North American Branch

South American Branch

Oceanic Branch

African Branch

Asian Branch

Research Division

Central Intelligence

The Council