• Alright, we need to decide what we're going to do from now on.

    Right now, We're basically bare bones.

    Most of the pages are just categories, template, lines.

    Words need to start being applied. We need to first fill in basic information about mythos. Once we get enough done, we can start making connections. Building this into a world with a particular feel, instead of what feels like a schizophrenic encyclopedia.

    There's also a few problems regarding differences in style. It will be odd to go from one page that flushes beautifully about every tiny bit of history of a mythical being, as well as their abilities listed nicely in comic-book turns to one where it plays more for humor and re-imagining mythical beings in a modern world.

    Look at one of your complete pages, one that I've never touched, then look at one of mine.

    Rather different, eh?

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    • Yes. Quite. Apparently, my style is a bit of an issue.

      Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, how's that story coming, where you have to entirely throw out and replace your writing style? :)

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    • Curses for mentioning it.

      I'll.. Consider.. Trying..

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    • And it's not that any style is an issue, it's just that it is advantageous to have a unified style.

      A Wikipedia article reads the same regardless of which article it is.

      Or Tvtropes.

      Right now, I'd prefer to actually have enough articles to care.

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    • Well, we can do base skeleton articles for now, and fill them in with more detail (and style) later. That, I think we can manage.

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    • Here is another issue.

      I'm writing from the perspective of this being some sort of scholarly creation of some character in the setting, such as all of this were real.

      You'll note this from nearly any article I write.

      You do this a bit too, but I noticed in the Blue Ox article that you started off with saying that it had origins in the myths and legends..

      Just thought I'd mention that. I really don't want to seem like I'm trying to control how everything is.

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    • The fact is, we're going to have to pick what we're going to do.

      Because right now, we are actually working at cross-purposes. You want an encyclopedic wikia of myths, I want a mythically derived setting.

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    • Well, actually, I want a mythically-derived setting too. Though, I was a tad conflicted. Part of me was waiting for you guys to come back and rejoin me. And the other part of me was like, "Ugh, these folks are not coming back; I need to make this mess into an encyclopedia". You'll see that in my work, too.

      Part of them treat mythical beings as purely mythical, and other treat them as existing races, species and beings.

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    • Then what shall we do?

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    • Well, there's not that many pages. Just point out which ones seem as though regarding mythical creatures as fictional, and which seem to regard them as existing.

      Encyclopedic wording can be fixed over time. For now, let's just stick with the way the creatures are portrayed.

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    • Alright.

      I'll try to get some things done at some point in this week.

      First week of school is 'orrible, readjusting.

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    • Whatever you can do, do. I've got nothing better to do. ^_^

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    • A FANDOM user
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