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Alternate Names/Spellings
Origins Native American Mythology
Alignment Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good
Element Air/Wind/Sky, Life/Death/Blood, Lightning/Thunder/Electricity, Time
Species Magical Beast, Avian
Appearance Large Electrical Avian


Thunderbirds originated from ancient Native American legends. The thunderbird's name comes from the common belief that the beating of its enormous wings causes thunder and stirs the wind.


Across many North American indigenous cultures, the thunderbird carries many of the same characteristics. It is described as a large bird, capable of creating storms and thundering while it flies. It is usually depicted with the color of its feathers a lightning blue. But there have also been accounts of men and omenn changing into thunderbirds by putting on a large cloak of its feathers and pulling down its face, revealing the head of the thunderbird.

The Thunderbird approaches...

Thunder and lightning mark its arrival...


Thunderbirds usually act as messengers for the higher powers of nature. They have been known to occasionally come down to earth during storms, turning into men and women and living among humankind. Native American tribes and families have been known to have ancestors that were thunderbirds. They rarely joke around and are of a more serious nature.


As the name shows, thunderbirds are masters of the sky and storms. They can generate powerful claps of thunder with a flap of their wings. The beak of a thunderbird can shoot out bolts of lightning. They are also capable of summoning huge storms, capable of anhilating entire villages with its forceful winds and stray bolts of lightning.Thunderbirds can also shapeshift in a way. They point their beaks upward to make a human face and pull off their feathers as if it were a cloak. They can remain in human form for as long as necessary, and are always capable of changing back into their original forms.

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