Tooth Fairy
Tooth fairy .jpg
"Let's see...who's next?"
Alternate Names/Spellings
Alignment Lawful Good
Element Air, Time, Darkness, Fate/Luck
Species Fay
Appearance Diminutive Winged Tooth-Based Fairy


Unlike most mythical beings, the origins of the tooth fairies are quite well known among the supernatural crowd.

Tooth Fairies were originally a group of the fair folk who realized the danger of allowing children's teeth to be unprotected. Plenty of foul people would love to draw power from the sympathetic connections between the children and their teeth.

These kind fairies decided to gather those teeth to protect the children from harm. However, the innate fairy desire for a trade or a bargain kept them from simply taking the teeth, so they chose to leave behind a coin or two in exchange.

A tooth fairy's job is never done...


Tooth Fairies generally appear as minute winged females, though their forms are many and highly diverse. Some look like mice or old men, while others resemble dentists or even dragons.


Perhaps some of the most benevolent of the fay, especially where children are concerned. Like many of their kind, the Tooth Fairies are nocturnal, preferring the cover of night to the light of day. They generally visit many children over the course of the night, in a display of industriousness that even bees would envy.

"Seriously...does no one use floss anymore?"


The Tooth Fairies are quite powerful. They can easily turn invisible and shift their shape. Many of them have potent defensive powers, especially against magic and sorcery. They also share some of the power over sleep with their cousins, the Sandmen. Like the similarly beloved Santa Claus, Tooth Fairies are more than capable of stretching time like taffy to aid in their collection.


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