Underwater Panther
Mishepishu (edited)
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Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Element Water

The Underwater Panther (more accurately known as Mishipeshu, the Great Lynx), is an underwater creature from Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) folklore. Sometimes they are considered helpful and beneficial, but more often they are depicted as unpredictable and deadly guardians of their underwater kingdoms.


Underwater Panthers are primal creatures, so they do not have an origin story per se; they always ruled the murky depths of the Great Lakes, ever since the dawn of time.

It is said that the home of the Underwater Panthers is Michipicoten Island in northern Lake Superior.


The Underwater Panther's most obvious physical characteristic is its extremely long tail, which extends more than twice the length of its body. A row of spines or spikes runs along its back and down the length of its tail, adding to its ferocious appearance. They are usually depicted with bison horns or deer antlers, and sometimes with webbed paws like those of an otter.

Underwater Panther (Mishepishu)


Underwater Panthers have power over drowning, and the souls of those who die by water. To placate them and ensure their safe return, the Anishinaabe would make offerings of tobacco to them before setting out on long canoe-journeys.

Underwater Panthers are said to covet copper above all other substances, and may seek vengeance if any copper is removed from their islands and shorelines without their permission.

Some legends state that because of their watery nature, Underwater Panthers have a longstanding rivalry with Thunderbirds, the masters of wind and sky. When they fight each other, they produce terrible storms and howling winds.

Mishepishu Artists Representation Mishipeshu-1-


Underwater Panthers have the power to cause storms, and can stir bodies of water into dangerous currents and riptides. Because their name means "Great Lynx" or "Big Lynx", they are often depicted as being very large and strong.

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