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"Who said you could enter the temple???"
Alternate Names/Spellings Leocentaur, Leotaur, Lion Centaur, Lion-Man, Lionman, Lion-Taur, Liontaur
Origins Mesopotamian Mythology
Alignment Chaotic Good, Neutral Good
Element Aether/Quintessence/Divine Essence, Earth
Species Chimera
Appearance Leonine humanoid chimera...


The Urmahlullu is a creature with origins in the mythology, legend and folklore of Mesopotamia. In particular, accounts of their existence indicated that they were held in high regard throughout society. Figures of the Urmahlullu would be made out of clay, and their images would be engraved along walls where their services were employed, as something of a protective spell, for when they could not be around.


The Urmahlullu is, for all intents and purposes, a leonine Centaur. That is, the upper half of its body resembles that of a human, while the lower part of its body resembles that of a lion.

The ethnicity of human that its upper half resembles can range all across the color spectrum, from traits typical to African, European, Middle Eastern, Asian and more. Likewise, the breed of lion which its lower half resembles varies as widely as the lion species itself, depending on region, etc.

Weapons practice...



Urmahlullu are a proud and dutiful species, strong and spartan, with little concern for folly. They carry themselves with a great dignity, self-respect and regard for order. What's more, their feline nature is made quite apparent in their affinity for cleanliness and hygiene.

Because of all this, and their tendency toward devout belief in the divine, Urmahlullu were often employed in the service of sacred Mesopotamian chambers. In particular, Urmahlullu commonly took up service in royal bath houses and other locations where ritual purification took place. In such a post, they were meant to help ward off demons, such as the leonine type called Mukil-res-lemutti ('evil attendant' or 'upholder of evil').

Many believe the Mukil-res-lemutti to be a chosen enemy of the species Urmahlullu, though if so, the reason still remains unknown. It has been said by some that theirs is simply an ancient rivalry like any other. Though, some speculate the two species are related. Others even go so far as to claim the two are different breeds of the same creature, caught in an age-old moral blood feud.

"No...no intruders on this side..."



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