Alternate Names/Spellings Várd, (pl) Vardogar, Vardoger, (pl) Vardogur, (pl) Vardøgar, Vardøgr, (pl) Vardøgur, Varsel
Appearance Just like the person to whom it belongs...


The Vardøger is a creature with origins in Norse mythology, legend and folklore. In particular, it is a spirit closely associated to the metaphysical psychological experiences of Autoscopy, Bilocation and Déjà Vu, and is considered to be a type of Doppelgänger.


Appearances vary as much as the people who produce them.


Nearly entirely harmless. Though some consider the Vardøger to be something of a trickster, this is simply due to the creature going out before the person to whom it is bound, to announce that person's impending arrival.

Those not used to the phenomenon of the creature's arrival will go out and check to see who is there, and for a second will see a person, who will disappear, or they will see no one at all. Shortly after, the person they originally saw (or whose voice or scent preceded them) will arrive.


The abilities of Vardøgur are marginally understood, at best. Some believe them to be immaterial, incorporeal, intangible and invisible by nature, while others believe them to be shapeshifters capable of assuming a ghostly form.

Either way, they are masters at mimicking the person whose arrival they precede. They move, speak act as the person does. More than anything, they seem to be a person's own personal poltergeist.


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