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"Hello there, stranger. Want to dance?"
Alternate Names/Spellings
Origins Slavic Mythology
Element Air/Wind/Sky, Earth, Ice, Life/Death/Blood, Light, Lightning/Thunder/Electricity, Luck/Fate/Fortune, Mind/Spirit/Psychic, Plant, Sound, Water
Species Undead, Fay, Nymphet
Appearance (often) Beautiful Slavic maidens...

Also Called

  • Juda/Yuda
  • Weela/Veela
  • Wila/Wili/Wilia/Wiła/Vili/Vilia/Vily
  • Veles
  • Willie


The Vila is a creature with origins in Slavic mythology, legend and folklore. In particular, they are often regarded as a type of Slavic fairy or nymph. Many believe they are the spirits of women and girls who had been frivolous in life.


Vilas are a single-gender race, composed solely of females. These females vary in height and weight, as well as hair length and texture, eye color and skin color.

Though, one common feature unites them, despite the varying traits of their looks: one will never find a homely, underweight or overweight member among them. And to show off the sylphic or voluptuous figure of their natural form, they often appear either in thin, diaphanous gowns, or entirely naked.

Even using their abilities, they may appear as not simply a swan, snake, horse, falcon, or wolf, but among the best-looking specimens of the former.


Among the most common words used to describe the behavior of the Vila are 'frivolous' and 'incorrigible'. They love to laugh, play, sing, dance and fight, as their moods suit them. And they are shameless flirts. They are perfectly aware of their feminine wiles, and they know how to use them.

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Sisters Andresila and Jerisavlja share a dance...

In fact, few things bring a Vila to ever be serious; at the top of that list, being defied (especially by a man), and people who break their word (especially if those people are men).

And when roused to anger, a Vila must quickly be appeased with gifts and offerings (including round cakes, ribbons, fresh fruits and vegetables, or flowers left at sacred sites) or the offender risks death.

Though, the Vila's moral alignments vary, and as such, the use of their feminine charm may be benign or malevolent. Some bat their eyes and flip their hair to attract a lover, while others lead pursuers to a literal dance of death. Yet, even moral alignment can sometimes be a blur; not always will a benevolent Vila help passersby in need.

Common names among Vilas include Andresila, Andjelija, Angelina, Djurdja, Janja, Janjojka, Jelka, Jerina, Jerisavlja, Jovanka, Katarina, Kosa, Mandalina, Nadanojla and Ravijojla. A Vila named Ravijojla is the best known among them, and Jerisavlja is the name of one of their leaders.



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