Winged Cat
Winged cat, blue
Alternate Names/Spellings Flying Cat, Felidavian
Origins Indian Folklore, Cryptozoology
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Element Air/Wind/Sky
Species Magical Beast (Chimera)
Appearance Cat with wings...


The Winged Cat is a creature with origins in Indian folklore, as well as Cryptozoology.


The Winged Cat is, as the name implies, a cat with wings. These vary in species (some have wings like a bird, while others have wings like a bat). The species of wing does not interchange between breed of Winged Cat. Bird-winged cats of a pure line do not give birth to a bat-winged cat, nor does a bat-winged cat of a pure line give birth to a bird-winged cat. They can only occur in mixed litters if their parents (or ancestors) are mixed lineage.




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