"Time for a little hocus-pocus..."
Alternate Names/Spellings
Alignment Chaotic Any
Species Humanoid
Appearance Peculiarly-dressed humanoid with a magic affinity...


Witches are, for the most part, humans who gained arcane power either through birthright or, more commonly, by making a pact with some sort of spirit. They are commonly female much like wizards that are commonly male. They often have a familiar animal or spirit and are far more flamboyant than wizards.



Because most witches are human, their behavoir varies more than the restrained personalities of mythical beings. Witches are generally very social, often forming groups called Covens. Their governing bodies are always odd numbered, typically a group of three or thirteen. 

Witches themselves typically display a degree of caution and stealth, due to residual memories from the witch-hunts of old.


The abilities of a witch are almost always magic based. Witchcraft has a very physical bent, being based on the manipulation or change of objects. The making powerful potions with the right ingredients, or the enchanting of flying broomsticks, or the creation of wooden or bone charms. 

Non-physical magic is often theurgic in nature, calling upon powerful beings to empower the mystic might of the witch.  It's also curious that most witch spells tend to rhyme. Witches are particularly good at hexes, jinxes, and curses. Most have some form of familiar that they can communicate with, and are often very aware of spirtual presences around them.  A few witches have the power to shapeshift into other animals.

Witches contrast with wizards in that they prefer to make use of subtle spells, preferring an unseen bad-luck hex to a roaring fireball.

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"Burn the witch? Good luck."

Ember Witch
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