A Wizard
The Archetypal Wizard
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Alignment Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil
Species Humanoid
Appearance Potent Humanoid


Wizards are often humanoids of male gender that learn magic from a teacher, or book of instruction. They are the male equivalents of witches.


All Wizards appear superficially human, though some carry a hint of hint of their origin with a flash of the eye or a strange chemical scent. Though they are often stereotyped as old, young Wizards can and do exist. Some Wizards wear strange arcane clothing for magical purposes, or merely to impress. Other cloak themselves in the guise of normality to gain some advantage.


Wizards are often orderly and disciplined beings, due to a personal rules and codes of conduct. They often spend years gaining power and mastering new spells. Many wizards take up a hermit-like existence, and even those that care for social contact are often blunt and irascible.


Wizards are often swathed in secrecy.

However, despite this, most Wizards are cunning creatures. It is very rare for a Wizard to do something without having a reason too. Wizards know a great deal more than most people, even many mythical beings. Their subtle schemes can surprise even the wisest of men.

Wizards understand better than anyone that knowledge is power, and the less anyone knows about you, the better.


A wizard's abilities are based on powerful magical knowledge from years of magical study. Wizards understand the laws and rules of the mystical world. They see the underlying patterns, the things that crop up. They understand the behavior of mystical forces. They do not cast crude spells of power, but exploit the very laws of the world to their benefit. Many wizards make use of potent magical items to aid their power, such as staves and wands. Wizards favor flashy and impressive spells, often out of a desire to shock or awe. Many are capable of shapeshifting and elemental manipulation.

Archibald studies a new spell...

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