Eierlegende wollmilchsau
Wollmilchsau: the OTHER other white meat...
Alternate Names/Spellings Eierlegende Wollmilchsau ("Egg-Laying Wool-Milk-Pig"), (pl) Wollmilchsauen
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Element Earth, Life/Death/Blood
Species Chimera
Appearance Mish-mash of various food animals...


The Wollmilchsau is a creature with origins in German folklore. As far as records tell, mention of its existence to the public starts with a humorous German poem in 1959, noting the creature's usefulness to the average family.

Before such time, they were only known to the people of supernatural lands such as Cockaigne, Arcadia, Nephelokokkygia, Shangri-La and, naturally, Utopia.


A Wollmilchsau is a chimera composed of a pig's head, a cow's midsection and udders, a chicken's flank, and in some cases, a duck's legs. It is the size of a pig, and over its midsection, wool grows like that of a sheep.


The behavior of this mish-mash food-animal chimera varies with each animal.

Some Wollmilchsauen have the mannerisms of a pig (liking to wallow in mud, etc) and get along better with pigs; others think like sheep (preferring to move in groups, etc) and get along better with sheep; some think like chickens (preferring to eat corn, etc) and get along better with chickens; and others think like cows (chewing grass into cud, etc) and get along better with cows. There are even some who get along best only with other Wollmilchsauen.

Eating habits, mating habits, caring for young, territorial habits, habitat and social habits all vary as such, and are therefore impossible to predict or generalize, as any seasoned Wollmilchsau farmer can easily attest to.


Wollmilchsauen possess no particular supernatural power or ability, in the traditional sense. The only distinguishing feature of their bodies lies in their capacity to produce beef, ham and chicken to eat, bovine milk to drink, and wool for making clothes and various textile products.


Is very delicious .

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