Alternate Names/Spellings 雪女, "Snow Granny", "Snow Hag", "Snow Harlot", "Snow Nanny", "Snow Sis'", "Snow Wench", Snow Woman, "Snowfall Hag", Yuki Anesa, Yuki-Musume, Yuki-Onbaa, Yuki-Onago, Yukifuri-Baba, Yukijorō, Yukinba
Origins Japanese mythology
Alignment Lawful Evil
Element Ice, Life/Death/Blood
Species Undead, Youkai
Appearance Beautiful, frigid Japanese maiden...


The Yuki-Onna is a creature with origins in Japanese mythology, legend and folklore.


The Yuki-Onna appears as a very pale woman in a white kimono with either white or black hair. They are mostly described as young women capable of drawing men to their deaths with their beauty.


The Yuki-Onna appears to have a calm and serene personality, but is ruthless in killing those who have the unfortunate luck of seeing her.

She sometimes appears to travelers as a kind woman or a grieving mother looking for a child in the snow. Either way, she fools the travelers with her facade and leads them astray guaranteeing their deaths.

On rare occasions, the Yuki-Onna spare the life of a traveler, depending on an aspect of him they find interesting ( a handsome man or talented musician, for example).

In return, they demand a promise from the spared soul to never tell another of their encounter or she will return and take his life.


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The Yuki Onna by YoshiyukiKatana-1-

"A presence disturbs the cold..."


"Follow me 'cross the Tundra..."

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