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Alternate Names/Spellings Chōpirako or チョウピラコ or ちょうぴらこ, Karako-Warashi or 唐子童 ("Child in Chinese Clothes"), Kura-Bokko or 蔵ぼっこ, Kura-Warashi or 蔵童, Kometsuki-Warashi or 米搗き童, "Mill-Stone Pounding Child", Notabariko or のたばりこ, "Rice-Polishing Child", Usutsuki-Warashi or 臼搗き童, "Warehouse child", Zashiki Bokko or 座敷ぼっこ ("Sitting-Room Basking One"), Zashiki Warashi or 座敷童 or 座敷童子 or ざしきわらし
Origins Japanese Mythology
Alignment True neutral
Species Ghost/Spirit
Appearance Spectral child...


The Zashiki-Warashi is a a type of yokai from Japanese mythology. They reside in occupied houses....... There are diferent variations of how this yokai came to be. One variation tells about children who died young and were promptly buried in their former home.


Depending on the region, the Zashiki-Warashi are considered to be minor deities or household spirits. It has the appearance of a child, boy or girl, anywhere between three to five years old. They are dressed in beautiful tradition clothing with vibrant patterns. Very rarely do they appear as wild, hairy, and vicious spirits.


Because they are child-like in nature, the Zashiki-Warashi enjoys causing harmless mischief to the residents of the household, such as leaving dirty footprints on tatami mats, making ghostly noises, causing objects to move, and pulling pranks.

At the same time, they are quite loved and respected by all who treat them fairly, and reward the residents with good fortune to come. They also enjoy playing with other children their age or keep elderly/infertile couples company.


  • They can bestow great fortune and riches to the residents of the house.
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